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Sultan’s Dine serves as an oasis of culinary history in the bustling heart of Dhaka, famed for offering the authentic and halal flavors of Kacchi to every Table.

Every dish is a testament to our commitment to authentic recipes and the Principles of halal cuisine. Our restaurant has earned its reputation for serving the ‘best Kacchi in town,’ seamlessly blending the royal culinary tradition with the vibrant tapestry of local food culture. Our Sultani Mutton Tehari, among other dishes, is more than just a meal; it’s a narrative spoken through the language of distinctive, halal & top-notch ingredients. At Sultan’s Dine, we present a dining experience that transcends the plate, taking guests on a journey through time with every bite.

Coupled with our warm hospitality and adaptable dining options, we address the modern demands of living while staying true to age-old traditions. Join us at Sultan’s Dine, where we honor and celebrate our country’s rich culinary heritage, one authentic and halal plate of Kacchi at a time.

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Hygiene & Halal



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Wedding Bonanza

“Sultan’s Dine” – The best Kacchi in Dhaka, is serving Kacchi/Plain Polao with Chicken Roast, Beef Rezala, Jali Kabab, Firni/Jarda, Borhani & Salad.

Our Quaity

Kacchi Bashmati

Kacchi made with Basmati Rice, Mutton or Chicken Roast and exciting add-ons such as Jali Kabab, Borhani etc. is sufficient combo for your squad.

Our Quaity


Rezala either Beef or Mutton is mouthful choices besides our regular Kacchi or Polao platter.

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